What we do

Centaurus Capital is a private investment management company with an emphasis on Europe, Asia and the Emerging Markets. We manage assets by selectively investing capital on the basis of a rigorous bottom-up fundamental approach.

As part of our event driven approach, we make investments in equity and credit securities of companies that are undergoing significant corporate events or are experiencing other major changes, as well as "deep value investments" in securities that we believe are undervalued relative to their fundamental or intrinsic value, or which we expect to appreciate, should a particular event take place.

In order to establish an adequate comfort level for our investments, we develop a close and constructive ongoing dialogue with the senior executives of the companies we invest in, and focus on achieving an in-depth fundamental understanding of their businesses.

Centaurus Capital was launched in year 2000 and originated from an investment team working together at BNP Paribas since 1993.

Commitment to the UK Stewardship Code

Under Rule 2.2.3R of the FCA's Conduct of Business Sourcebook, Centaurus Capital Limited (the "Firm") is required to include on this website a disclosure about the nature of its commitment to the UK Financial Reporting Council's Stewardship Code (the "Code") or, where it does not commit to the Code, its alternative investment strategy. The Code is a voluntary code and sets out a number of principles relating to engagement by investors with UK equity issuers. Investors that commit to the Code can either comply with it in full or choose not to comply with aspects of the Code, in which case they are required to explain their non compliance.

The Firm pursues a primarily an event driven strategy that involves it investing in global equities, including UK equities. The Code is therefore relevant to some aspects of the Firm's trading. While the Firm generally supports the objectives that underlie the Code, the Firm has chosen not to commit to the Code. The Firm invests in a variety of asset classes and in a variety of jurisdictions globally.The approach of the Firm in relation to engagement with issuers and their management are determined globally, on group wide basis. The Firm takes a consistent global approach to engagement with issuers and their management in all of the jurisdictions in which it invests and, consequently, does not consider it appropriate to commit to any particular voluntary code of practice relating to any individual jurisdiction.

Remuneration Code Disclosure

The firm has included it's Remuneration Code Disclosure for the last financial year alongside it's Pillar 3 disclosure in it's financial statements for 2014.

Centaurus Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.